Ramzan is one of the most important and widely celebrated Islamic festivals. It is also known as the ‘Greater Fasting’ or ‘The Great Mercy’ or simply ‘Ramadan’. In this month a worthful person called Prophet Hazrat Muhammad has been sent to Earth by God that’s why it is a significant month for Muslims all over the world.

During this time, Muslim people observe fast and pray to Allah five times every day and spend their nights in praying, reading Quran, giving charity and other good deeds. The real significance of Ramzan goes beyond fasting, prayers, reading Quran or giving charity.

Lot‘s of people visit Hajj in the month of Ramzan and their are various hajj packages are available to perform hajj.

Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is observed as a period of fasting by Muslims worldwide, excepting those who are traveling, pregnant, menstruating, experiencing growth in adolescence or elders who are sick.

Celebrations in Ramzan

During the month of Ramzan, Muslims in India fast from sunrise to sunset. They break their fast with an Iftar meal at sunset. Muslims also offer special prayers called Tarawih during Ramzan.

Tips for fasting in Ramzan

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